Design & Communications

Following the explosion of social networking sites and online media and marketing, digital communications have fast become a way of life and an essential cornerstone to any good business or organisation. Green ideas can spread quickly through the internet, and if properly used, the internet can be the ultimate tool of communication.

At a global level, computing is estimated to be responsible for the same level of carbon emissions as the airline industry, approximately 2-3% (Gartner Inc, 2007) and it is growing exceptionally fast. The International Telecommunication Union says ICT use has skyrocketed in the last decade; more than a quarter of the world's population now uses the Internet while 1.9 billion people have access to a computer at home.

Another aspect is how smart systems can be enablers of carbon emission savings, for example, by using more intelligent systems for managing energy use in buildings. Research at the European level has shown that anything from 20-45% of carbon emissions could be reduced through the use of smart technologies.



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