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The Avonmouth & Severnside Enterprise Forum brings together a network of companies and organisations that are working in Avonmouth & Severnside and have an interest in the current activities and long term prosperity of the region.

The Forum is a unique opportunity to connect key stakeholders and thus encourage local collaboration, sharing of ideas and experience, and to pool resources. The Forum was set up by BETS (Bristol Environmental Technologies and Services) when it was recognised that there was a need to develop the Port and surrounding region towards a low carbon future. Low Carbon South West has been the driving force behind the Forum since merging with BETS in 2010. The Forum was previously known as the Avonmouth & Severnside Green Industries Forum but has recently been rebadged the 'Enterprise Forum' to represent the range of industries that are represented at the meetings.

Key projects that have come out of the Forum's work so far is a commercial and technical feasibility study for what promises to be one of Europe's largest industrial Thermal Energy Grid, and the development of the first phase of a low-carbon re-processing park in Avonmouth.

The Avonmouth and Severnside Green Enterprise Forum holds regular events to share updates on progress with the projects in the region. The write up of the some past meetings with photos can be seen here:





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