Recovery and Recycling


The Recovery and Recycling sector is fundamental in dealing sustainably with our waste. Principally it deals with all waste management which results in its reduction, re-use, recycling or recovery.

In 2008, Bristol was awarded no.1 in the UK Sustainable Cities Index, in part due to the excellent improvement in recycling rates for the city and its many diverse initiatives from household collection of recycling to industry leading technologies and research.

BETS is a business networking facility that aims to uphold the success of Bristol's sustainability by providing opportunities for new technologies and ideas to be realised and become profitable.

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Case Studies - Recovery & Recycling

SOFA Project PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 01 June 2012 15:10
Established in 1982, SOFA Project is the leading re-use charity in the West of England, providing new, nearly new and second hand furniture, household goods and electrical appliances across Bristol and North Somerset. Each year, SOFA helps around 6,500 households to furnish their homes at affordable prices (offering further discounts to people on a low income) and re-uses almost 25,000 items that would otherwise have gone to landfill.

REVAMP PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 July 2010 14:50

REVAMP is the name of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) re-use and recycling subsidiary of SOFA Project. Its aim is to re-use as much WEEE as possible, since re-use brings many more environmental benefits than recycling. It also delivers social benefits for families unable to afford brand new electrical goods.

For more information, please visit http://www.pulltheplug.co.uk/index.html

New West Gypsum Recycling PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 July 2010 14:43

Founded in 1985, New West Gypsum Recycling Inc. is the world leader in the recycling of wet and dry waste gypsum, drywall/plasterboard from new and renovation construction sites, manufacturing plants, wholesalers and applicators. The company's team of professionals specialises in the efficient and economic re-processing of these waste products. Its goal is to make the recycling of gypsum waste an integral step in the world's drywall/plasterboard industry. NWGR has several worldwide offices and its head office in Canada. Recycling plants in the UK are sited in Avonmouth and Ferrybridge.


Useful links - Recovery and recycling

  • Bristol Recycling Figures
    Of 184,492 tonnes of Bristol's municipal waste 2007/8, 69,909 tonnes were recycled and 15,343 tonnes were processed by household waste recycling facilities.
  • End of Life Vehicles (ELV)
    A huge potential for improved ELV authorised treatment facilities with a UK leading ELV researcher/facility, SIMS located in Bristol.
  • Household Waste Recycling Centres
    At Source recycling. In Bristol, 2 sites exist. There is potential for many more.
  • Landfill Directive
    Helping to drive a change in the way we dispose of waste in this country, moving waste up the hierarchy through waste minimization and increased levels of re-use, recycling and energy recovery.
  • Site Waste Management Plans
    A requirement for all construction and demolition projects over £300,000 in value.
  • Sustainable Cities Index
    Index of sustainable cities. Bristol was no.1 in the UK in 2008 thanks to impressive recycling and composting improvements.
  • WEEE Regulations
    Regulations that aim to reduce the quantity of waste from electrical and electronic equipment and increase its re-use, recovery and recycling.

Key Players - Recovery and Recycling

Bristol City Council
Manages the cities waste.
Bristol Wood Recycling Project
Scheme aiming to rescue, re-use and recycle wood going to landfill locally.
British Polythene Industries
Plastics recycling.
Churngold Recycling
Aggregate recycling.
Paper/confidential material recycling
Architectural and building material reclamation
New West Gypsum Recycling
Plasterboard recycling.
Recycle Your Car
Information on car recycling.
Sims Metal Management
End of Life Vehicle facility.
Household Waste Recycling and Recycling Centres.
The Sofa Project
Providing new, nearly new and second-hand furniture, household goods and electric appliances across Bristol.
A leading provider of recycling solutions.
Free guidance and support to companies to help them reduce waste, reduce their carbon impact and maximise cost savings.


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