Waste Management


Waste Management encompasses a wide range of activities from waste production, transfer, storage, treatment and final disposal to the provision of related advice such as waste site development, planning and licensing.

Fundamental in the way we deal with our waste is the waste hierarchy which establishes the best possible options for its management. Principally strategies should always aspire to waste prevention, reduction, reuse and recycling and away from the least favoured option disposal. Drivers from legislation such as the Landfill Directive and WEEE Regulations all help work towards this goal with waste management services available to help companies realise this.

In Bristol and the South West there are many key players in dealing with waste sustainably. Bristol City Council has a comprehensive recycling scheme and companies like Bristol's Sofa Project help to re-use rather than dispose of waste.

Technologies are in place throughout the region to deal with a variety of waste streams from household, construction and commercial waste hazardous and nuclear. Economic opportunities exist for growth in all areas of waste management, and along with regulation, guidance from organisations like WRAP help to drive the search for sustainable waste management.

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Case Studies - Waste Management

Bristol Port Estate and Vicinity Initiative (BPE&VI) PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 29 June 2012 14:52

The Bristol Port Estate and Vicinity Initiative (BPE&VI) has been underway since July 2009. It brings together local businesses to explore opportunities for sustainable resource management (including management of materials, energy, water, logistics, facilities, land and expertise). The primary objective is to gain economic and sustainable advantage. Sixty or more businesses from Royal Portbury Dock to Severn Beach, large and small, and representing diverse sectors are actively involved so far. They have welcomed the initiative as a platform for networking and information exchange and many have achieved cost savings and other benefits including The Bristol Port Company.

Ethos Energy PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 23 July 2010 15:33

Ethos Energy designs, supplies and maintains waste-processing plants that produce renewable energy using its proprietary Advanced Thermal Treatment technology. This technology is entirely modular and is based on staged and separated pyrolysis, gasification, and high temperature oxidisation.


Useful links - Waste Management

  • Ethos Energy
    Pyrolysis plant construction. Avonmouth building contractors are required as well as licenses available for more plants.
  • Landfill Directive
    Helping to drive a change in the way we dispose of waste in this country, moving waste up the hierarchy through waste minimization and increased levels of re-use, recycling and energy recovery.
  • Net Regs
    Guidance for business on waste management and waste licensing.
  • Reducing Waste in Bristol
    A Guide to reducing household waste in the city.
  • Site Waste Management Plans
    A requirement for all construction and demolition projects over £300,000 in value.
  • The South West Rural Development Agency
    Funding for South West rural waste and energy technologies.
  • Waste Implementation Programme (WIP)
    DEFRA's route map to delivering the action required to meet the UK's legally binding targets under the Landfill Directive to reduce levels of biodegradable waste sent to landfill.
  • Waste Watch
  • UK environmental charity looking to change the way people use the world's natural resources.
  • West of England Partnership
    Consultation scheme to build 5 new facilities to handle 1.5 million tonnes of residual waste -   an opportunity for a wide range of waste treatment technologies.
  • WEEE Regulations
    Regulations that aim to reduce the quantity of waste from electrical and electronic equipment and increase its re-use, recovery and recycling.

Key Players - Waste Management

Bristol City Council

Leading waste management company.

Nuclear waste management.
South West Rural Development Agency
Development plan for England for Anaerobic digestion.
Cory Environmental

Run Shortwood Landfill in Bristol.
Ethos Energy

Pyrolysis and gasification of clinical waste.
McCarthy Waste Management

Waste transfer.
New Earth Solutions

Organic waste composting.
New West Gypsum Recycling

Plasterboard recycling.

Kerbside collection
The Sofa Project

Providing new, nearly new and secondhand furniture, household goods and electric appliances across Bristol
Viridor -
MRF processes.
Resource Futures

Consultancy specialising in waste management.

Provides Guidance and advice for site waste management plans.


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