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Cleantech Innovate

April 27 , 8:30 am - 8:00 pm


Cleantech Innovate is the leading event of its kind, showcasing 36 pre-qualified, investment ready, green solution start ups. This is the only event you need to attend to secure socially responsible investment in future technologies.

The panel of 10 distinguished judges have picked the top companies that they think are ready to take on global climate change. Will you be a witness or an ‘enabler’?

During the course of 1 day, the 36 start-ups will deliver their 5 minute pitches for their innovative solutions to a 300+ strong audience on investors, academics, large corporations, ventures capitalists, press and more.  The five categories that they will be presenting on are Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Waste, Biotechnology and Transport.

The quality and wide range of different innovations coming from the presenting companies is impressive: while one proposes to purify water off-grid without any filters or chemicals at only $0.01/litre, another looks to revolutionise the steel industry by reducing net carbon emissions to zero. Another addresses energy efficiency by optimising boiler usage through analytical data and the Internet of Things.

Another company has developed an offshore mooring technology that has demonstrated withstanding 5, 50 year storms and another still who have a patented and proven wind turbine technology capable of producing energy at less than $40/MWh. There’s also companies who respectively produce linear free piston engines, recycling plastic aluminium laminate technology and a process for reducing CO2 emissions by 80-100M tons a year from the oil refining industries. And more besides! If you are looking to invest in future green technologies or simply want to remain ahead of the curve then there’s something at Cleantech Innovate for everyone.

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This is your chance to have and exclusive chance to discover new industry disruptors. You can also create new opportunities by connecting and networking with key investors and innovators driving the hottest cleantech start-ups.

For more information and to register, please visit the website by clicking here, or email Jack on marketing@cleantechinnovate.com

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