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Our objective is simple; to help grow a prosperous and resilient low carbon economy for the region by supporting and promoting the businesses already here as well as working to attract new companies and inward investment to the region.

Our key strength is in our network and the breadth of business types that it encompasses. With over 3,000 people in our network, we have representation from a vast array of sectors and we actively encourage collaborative working.

Our Community

Becoming an LCSW member is an excellent way of ensuring that your employees and clients understand your company's commitment to supporting the network with the same priorities.

Why join Lcsw?

• To demonstrate your company’s commitment to the progression of the low carbon economy by supporting the network that is working to achieve it

• To access new customers and enjoy the benefits of offers from other members

• To receive advance notice of Low Carbon events

• To promote your business’ expertise through presentations at events and providing editorial for our monthly mailers

• To market your events to a large number of interested parties

• To recruit high calibre employees through our low carbon recruitment service

• To access funding or knowledge sharing and develop projects in collaboration with other members

Cost of Membership

The cost of membership is £180 per annum - sole traders and charities may be eligible for a discount. So for less than £3.50 per week, your business can be part of a rapidly growing organisation that is working to increase business opportunities for your sector.

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